Hi, I’m Kristen Suzanne! Thank you for taking the time to check out my Green Mommy Blog. Many of you are familiar with my other blog, Kristen’s Raw, where I discuss my Raw Vegan foodie lifestyle (recipes, tips and tricks for awesome, glowing, radiant health). I started my Green Mommy Blog because I found myself writing about other aspects of my life that came about as a result of going Raw and Vegan, which were green and environmentally relevant, but they weren’t always food-related. In an effort to keep my Kristen’s Raw blog focused on food, nutrition, recipes, etc., I started my Green Mommy Blog to share all kinds of fun and useful information about my green lifestyle as an eco-friendly mommy, including topics such as babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, green housekeeping, organics (for clothes, food, and living in general), traveling, product reviews, pregnancy, breastfeeding, bed sharing, recycling, beauty, fashion, and much more.

(And speaking of babywearing, as I write this “About” section in March of 2010, I’m 6 months pregnant with my first baby. You’ll notice that the illustration in my header shows me babywearing our little Monkey. Even though this hasn’t happened yet, it’s something I plan on doing a lot of, and it’s not far off, so I wanted to have it represented in the illustration.)

A little more about me… even though I consider myself a Mother Earth Warrior, I’m still relatively new to the green scene. Over the years I’ve made some great changes to help preserve our earth, such as: switching to cloth grocery bags, installing a water filter on our kitchen faucet (and never buying bottled water), eating an eco-friendly diet that is low in foods requiring packaging (as well as organic and locally grown when possible), keeping lights off, reducing our use of water, buying products made from sustainable materials, keeping our thermostat at levels many people would faint at (we dress warmer in the winter and use cute little desk fans during the summer), and things like that. It’s important that I do everything I can to help preserve our home for future generations (while doing so with style and sass), but it’s a work in progress. So, I don’t claim to be an eco-expert but I’m learning new things literally every day and plan on sharing everything I learn as I go. Even with that… I may blog about one thing, only to find out later that I’ve learned new information and had to make changes on top of previous changes.

I love animals and it’s my mission to help save as many as I can (that’s our dog we rescued). After all, one of the biggest contributors to climate change are the factory farming practices going on today as a result of our meat and dairy consumption. Read about how adopting a vegan diet is virtually the single greenest thing you can do here.

I also love all things girly-girl, so you’ll hear me talk a lot about beauty, fashion, glitz, and glimmer. I have fun and play as much as I can, but you’ll see me get spirited and feisty, too! I can get passionate and on fire about certain causes, so although I’ll try to keep this blog PG-rated, it might not always happen. There, you’ve been warned. ;)